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airport noise

I just don’t understand.... RESIDENTS AIR COMPLAINTS OF PDX NOISE . The addresses mentioned by the complainers are like miles and miles north. The noise they are hearing has got to be very faint.

I live like less than 2 miles from the airport. So of course, I hear the planes coming and going... I don’t mind at all, I like it. So I could see people in my area complaining about the noise. But not in Battle Ground and Orchards where they are so far north. Big whiners!

Oh yes, I was reminded of this article from yesterdays paper as I was laying in the futon this morning, watching the planes take off. smile


We hear the planes overhead once in awhile too, the airport is about 5km from us. I think it’s interesting, I dunno why people would complain!

It’s kind of the same thing around here...they wanted to build a new runway at Logan Airport, but people complained about the noise. However, people I know who live in East Boston (where the airport actually is located) say the noise doesn’t bother them at all.

That reminds me of more whining...here in Boston, the North End is a big Italian section (yummie restaruants there!), and every summer they have all of their various feasts, which of course, are noisy. However, some of the new people moving in were complaining about this noise, and trying to have the feasts abolished...who cares if this has been a neighborhood tradition for a hundred years?

I feel no sympathy for these whiners. They should have known about this before they moved there. But there’s no way they’re going to win this one, mainly because it is such a long-standing tradition, and also, because the mayor is Italian!

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