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itchy head

I’ve noticed my head itching more, and so I was doing some searching.
Scalpicin, Body and Scalp Stress: "Another major culprit of scalp itch is the weather. In winter, humidity is lower, which has a drying effect on our skin."
I’m pretty darn sure that it is the weather that is affecting me, because my feet are drier too. So its a good thing that its February, and the spring is coming soon smile


I knew about the feet but didn’t know about the hair thing. Mine has been doing alot of itching too and now I think back on it especially when it got colder. Bring on Spring smile

sadmy heads been really very itchy .. and my aunt told me its eczema .. and i dono .. but i KNOW i don’t have lice .. i drink lots of water .. i dont have dandruff .. and i condition my hair .. so i am really confused .. help if anyone can!?
the confused

My head has been itchy a lot latly. I have white flakes on my head. I have never had this before, I have not switch shampoo and conditioners either. I have lived in the same house for the last 3 years so It can’t be the water. I have not put any new chemicals on my head like hair spary or mouse, gel ect... I have not taken any new meds. So what could it beconfused I am pretty sure I don’t have lice. I have 4 children in the house and nun of ther heads are itchy. I am going crazy though it makes me want to just scratch my head until it bleeds. Can any kind of illness or diseases cause itchy head? I have even put conditioner on for the night to help in case it is dry scelp. Did not work. I am going to the store tomarrow and finding something for this. ANY ONE HAVE A SUGESTION PLEASE LET ME KNOW

u have seriusis! i cant spell it sadly... but its a condition that can be caused by stress, but a lot of other things too. symptoms are itchness, and small little red patches or spots on head, sometimes thes e are very very hard to see. see ur doc... they give u cream... but u gotta sleep in it n it can b uncomfortable.

the doctor can also provide you w/ a shampoo to use every other day. this is what I use and it really helps

my head is driving me crazy i dont have dandruff or lice and i need help now i dont want to cut of my hair but i think it is sweat could i be right?

Ok , so my head is itchy.
My mom combs through it with the lice comb thingy.
Finds eggs and Bugs but its not lice..we have no idea what it is. The eggs are brownish and the bugs are tan.white.black i think. I dont know if i should buy special shampoo or what? we washed my sheets and stuff like the doctor said i just want to know whats in my head! smile that would make me verrry happy. help? thank you! heart


Dont you think it could properly be hormornal?

I have an itchy head(of course) & so does my sis
Idk if its lice i scratch my head Alot!We’re ALWAYS Stressed, 'cause of My little bro,Who doesnt know how to take care of himself! And I sweat Alot After School & I dont Wanna use any scalp Medicine,OR see the doc.


ok i have an itchy head!!! well sometimes it itches but i dont pay much mind but then it gets itchier and i start to scratch my head and it makes me more itchier.. i know for sure its not lice.i think it might have somethin to do with winter coming up.. but im not positive about that.its driiving me crazy!!!! even when i come out the shower and my hair is nice and CLEAN!!!!..ugh!! help!