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rain, rain

It was raining so hard when I woke up, I really thought that there was water running somewhere. I went and looked out on the street, and it looks like a waterfall with so much rain going down it! I can’t hear it nearly as well in my office-room, with the computer noise, but it sure was clear from bed!

I’m feeling a bit better. Actually, remarkably better compared to yesterday morning. I actually slept almost 8 hours (even though I got up at 3ish), and that probably helped a great deal.

Today is a work day, and an early day at that. I’m hoping that I can concentrate well and get lots done; now that all the tax stuff is done, I can concentrate on the rest of my desk, which is piling up. I have some new brainstorms for furthering my continued working, and so I’m hoping to get some of that stuff sorted out to have to show dad next week.

I started to do the Monday Mission, but since (1) its not monday anymore, and (2) had some contraversial questions that I didn’t know how I felt about on it, I closed the window w/o posting. I’m a dork, I don’t know why I did that.

I think I have just enough time to take a short nap before my shower... so I’ll catch the rest of my daily reads later!!! smile

Happy rainy tuesday!

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