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participation positives: 021802

Happy Monday Afternoon smile Its Participation Positive time!!!!

  • The aftereffects of my migraine have mostly all subsided.
  • I played with some new DHTML tricks this morning for my newest layout idea.
  • I still have several hours that I can try to take an afternoon nap.
  • My music files got sorted and I got to listen to some great stuff.
  • My daddy called me just to say hi this morning smile
  • the computers at work are working.
  • my little brother called me at lunch and agreed with me that breakfast foods are the best anytime of the day.
  • I’m only working 2 days this week.
  • I am loved, and I love.
  • Cherry coke is happy.
What makes you be positive, even on a monday? This week was hard to do because I’m still so woozy and my migraine isn’t all gone yet, but I still found some things smile


Cherry Coke is the bestest!!

You know.. Im the kind of person to make a list like that then do nothing. LOL especially on my days off. I "know" I should be out doing things but sometimes sitting around is just more fun. lol!

B6, 100mg a day. Helps a LOT with the migraines. If I have one, it helps make it go away. My "chick-week" migraines? It helps prevent them. Plus it helps keep my blood pressure lower!

i’m sorry you had icky migranes to deal with all weekend, but i’m glad you’re feeling better now.

love you!

BTW I made your Mac and Cheese.. Yummy!

smile hope your head feels better today!

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