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this or that 021902

Its time for Ashley’s This or That!!! I like Tuesdays, and this is one more reason for that smile

(the other reasons are that buffy is on, and tomorrow is wednesday!!)

  • January or July?July, I think. I like the sunshine more than the rain smile
  • Email or letters? I just don’t seem to have the extra time that letters take. If you want to talk to me, its usually gonna be with Email!
  • Milk or orange juice? Orange Juice. Its not only good for you, but it tastes good smile I get the calcium enriched kind, so it still has the benefits of milk.
  • Brunette or blond? Brunette, but I have natural reddish highlights. And some unnatural ones during the summer, when I tend to color it! smile
  • Digital or film camera? Film. I’m on the disposable camera plan - I get a disposable camera and use it and then get a new one. It definately isn’t the ideal, but someday soon, I’m gonna get a digital cam and a printer smile
  • Camping or hotel? Hotel. I’m not so much the outdoorsy kind of girl. But camping does have its fun. I have some great memories as a kid being out camping with my family in our fold-out tent trailer smile
  • Pencil or pen? Either a mechanical pencil or a really nice fine pen. I like nice pens. I’m a pen-snob :giggle: In fact, I buy all my own pens for work because I hate the cheap crap that is here already!
  • Rollerblading or roller skating? Neither - they are both so hard on my ankles.
  • Fly or drive? Depends on where I’m going. If its more than a 6 hour drive, I’d rather fly and get their quickly.
  • White or black? Black. I look good in black smile I like designing with black accents.

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