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disney sequels

This is the aforementioned article I read. I’m mixed on the whole idea....

Disney sequels put money in the bank

Where does a fairy tale go after "happily ever after?" For Disney, some might say, to the bank. Peter Pan is back in theaters with the sequel "Return to Never Land," joining Cinderella, Dumbo, and Lady and the Tramp among the classic characters resurrected by the studio for a series of sequels.
What do you think? Do you watch the sequels? I’ve seen all the originals, but only a few of the sequels. My little brother loved the 2nd Lion King just as much as he did the first (he was just that age when they came out). And I have to admit, I’m curious about Cinderella since its my favorite...


I just roll my eyes... It was bad enough they remade "Lady and the Tramp"! The only one I feel like they got right was the "Beauty and the Beast - Enchanted Christmas" video. Some classics are just better left unsequeled.

I don’t really like the idea of Disney sequels...they should leave well enough alone. I liked "Beauty & the Beast - Enchanted Christmas" like Robyn. But I also liked the 3rd installment of the "Aladdin" series. The second one was horrible because it lacked Robin Williams!

ah, let them do whatever makes them money. but i’d wait until the sequels come out on video (should be soon). i think they’re just trying to squeeze as much out of these things as possible. i’m not a huge fan of disney movies, i loved them as a kid (and hope mine will, too) but they really are just bastardizations of perfectly good stories.

or maybe i’m just feeling a bit cynical this morning!

I love Disney...but the classics, not the sequels...I have not seen a one of them!

And I hav no desire to see them...let’s leave well enough alone!

I just bought my daughter Peter Pan and saw the snippet for Return to Neverland. I thought it looked good. I saw The Little Mermaid II and really like it. I never saw Beauty and the Beast, but we own the Christmas one, and I like it. Other than that, I haven’t seen a lot of sequels.

I’m interested in the Cinderella sequal also. That’s my favorite too.

I don’t know, I guess I think sequals are okay. I wouldn’t exactly call the newer Disney movies "classics" anyway.

Look lets face it, how will we ever know if were not gonna like these movies or like them if we never watch them. I think we all need to sit down and watch what happens to our favorite characters. We grew up with these heros and heroinesand villans. They helped us define our imagination and made alot of believe dreams can come true. True in a fact alot of sequels blow right out the ass; and believe me I own all the sequels, I have a 2yo son, but i collected them way b4 he was born. So if you would like to hear the goodies from the shities take it from me this list should help you out.

101 dalmatians 2: cute, but can’t say its worth seeing more than 2 times. I give this film my gittyrating. vote yourself on this one.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves: This was a wonderful film. NOt only did it have Robin Williams voicing the beloved genie of the lamp it also had the original ending which was to be for the original theatrical release of Aladdin. The animation is tv standard. But it has a good story line. This is a goodie.

Atlantis Milos Return: IF you bought this, return it! IF you rented it say it didn’t work get your money back! This film was a crossing of Belles magical world, and hercules mixed together, definatly shitty, And I love Atlantis the Lost Empire

Beauty and the Beast The Enchanted Christmas: This is a delightful tale we see in the middle of the movie. Disney did another grat job on this fiilm, way to go. songs were good, and its especially good to see watch this one in Dec, eating cookies and drinking milk with the kids waiting for Santa.

Belles Magical World: Well they were on a roll and than they died! I am not sure waht disney was thinking, but they could have done so much better than this film, if this would have been a cartoon series thats fine, but don’t throw a 3rd unless you know its gonna be good. Disney started carring about money more than quality HTis film sucked.

Cinderella 2: watch it on a rainy day, or if you have a daughter, the music is good, not at all like the original.
This is another you will have to judge for yourself, but i am listing it as a goodie.

Hunchback 2: This one i think is a goodie, the villan sucked, but the plot was good. This is a goodie.

Hercules: 0 to hero: definate ZERO this is the sittiest of them all, 3 tv series thrown on 1 tape with a 6 minutes of actual pt 2 film on tape. Come on Disney what were you thinking.

Jungle Book2: Cute film, all JB fan should see this, only downer John Goodman did the voice of baloo, and the songs were rip offs of the original, also no King Louie ape fans.
This one is a goodie.

Lion King 2: Well Disney managed to pull this one off except on thing. Zazu does not have the same voice. Other than that throw another grub on the grill and
"hakuna matata" its a goodie.

Little Mermaid 2: Terrific film, not quite the twist you ever would have thought the Disney team to do, but none the less they pulled off an amazing and stunning treat for mefolk of all ages. Goodie ..

Pocahontas 2 Journey to a New World: Well I would be lying if I said I hated it. But i would be lying if i said I loved it. Disney screwed with the history on this and took some folk lure and made it 1607 heaven for the flik. Only 3 good songs, animation sucked, the plot was horrible, it could have been alot better, like not at all.. this film shittie

Return of Jafar: Lets face it this was the first tv animated direct to video tape ever of Disneys, they made us think it was gonna be great, but negative Robin Williams and you have a shitty film. The story was great, and the animation sucked monkey balls. The songs were catchy and my rating on this is shittie.

Return to NeverLand: If Disney has ever done a good theatrical sequel this is the one. THe timing the music, the animation, the fun ad excitement, the only thing this film lacks is a crocodile. TicToc was fun, this new Octopus, well lets just say he’s not what we want to see. But on the up and up this film is one you want to own. Goodie

Scamps Adventure: Gather the family around this is a treat for everyone to enjoy, the music was great, the characters were fabulous, and the animation was intense, makes you feel like the old movie never stopped, only downer Lady’s voice is kinda off. But a goodie

Stitch the Movie. If you liek the first movei, holdon because this movie takes off right were the other one left off. The animaton is good, all the voices are back, except the wonderful David, the voice match is really close though. One of the Best films you can watch this year.. Goodie


I’m not actually sure what this site is, I was just looking for opinions on Disney Sequels. I think this is one of the fairest sites I’ve seen. Alot of fans get angry... but I dont think tehy can be real fans. Disney, disney is about

| :: Magic :: |

Not about expectations and getting angry. So TLK 1.5 wasn’t half as amazing as the orginal?? &&?? I think if it made only 1 child watch another Disney film, and realise the magic... learn something from it; it would have been worth the money they spent. I love all the classics. They’re like everything thats good about being young, with a touch of magic! Some of the sequels are amazing, Enchanted Christmas!! Probabli just me who takes the nastalgic [[cnt spell]] view on things but hey ho!!

Merry Crimbosock


disney sequels really suck!! ive seen most of them!!!
and i regret buying them!! the only one they pulled off was the Lion King 2. Lion King 1 1/2 wasn’t so bad either.
wat was disney thinking?! pocahontas 2 ruined my christmas. love pocahontas, and when after i watched it, i didn’t have the heart to eat our noche buena.
they ruined everything!!