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to do today

I’m still up. I watched TV for a while, laid there w/o falling asleep, and watched TV for a while more. Blah.

I have 1 1/2 hrs until I have to wake E up. So I’m writing my list of things I’d like to do today.

Things I’d like to do today:
*clean bathroom; shower
straighten craft closet; file?
sort new music files
burn cd - test out CD-R’s
*get rid of headache (tried, tried!) (by mid tuesday)
scan picture for Erika’s project (found pictures)
scan newer pictures of E and I for wedding page
movie brainstorm
focus for theredkitchen
new skin and switch #1 back
sort my desktop now that I moved files from work computer
----cook dinner----> never mind, E came home and cooked me mac and cheese
write Megan
*nap, nap, nap (tried, tried!) (wednesday smile )
*take short walk (mailbox)
*enter data into fitday
*eat - I’m starving!
look @insurance stuff

Hmm, I think this is much too long of a list!!! * = priority


gosh you’ve learned quickly how to stop doing so much. It took me 5 years. sad *hugs* I’m thinking of you hon. Remember, if you want to chat Cfs things give me a yell. smile *hugs*

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