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migraine research

I’m reeling from a migraine, but my first thought when I could finally sit up was research. I want to know about the sequence, the hormone effects (ie, this is probably more than boys want to know!), and more... So I’m searching and here’s what I’m finding....

Signs that this migraine was coming: sensative head (my forehead was a bit tingly), sensativity to light (I noticed the monitor blinking more than normal), extra yawning (so much I was tearing up).
Actual migraine came on very fast. From Sweet Tomatoes to home, I started to feel a bit nauseus and by the time I walked up the stairs, the pain was on. I laid down, and woke up a few hours (? I lost track of time ?) later to get some drugs. I attempted to watch a movie with E, thinking at least I’d be laying down; but towards the end of it, I had him turn it off - I was actually crying because it hurt. It was in full pain-mode by then... like someone was drilling a hole between the upper right side of my forehead straight through to my lower right hairline. It was so jarring that I felt sick to my tummy (which is odd for me), a very numming sensation to the right side of my face (normal for my migraines), a ringing in my ears (which I’ve been noticing with normal headaches lately) and a vague flashing sensation when my eyes were open or closed. I couldn’t go to sleep, and this was agony. It took *forever* to fall asleep, and even then I woke up frequently. At about midnight, when E came to bed, I woke up again. The right side had finally stopped hurting for the most part, but it jumped to the left side. Not nearly as bad, luckily, but its 2AM, and I still can’t fall asleep and its still there. My brain is coming up with brainstorms and reminders of things I should be doing, and with my normal un-sleepy-ness, I’m sure that’s playing a part.

So the things I want to know: How does this fit with hormonal cycles? This is the first day of my period, and falls exactly 2 months on the dot to my major migraine in December while on the plane to my in-laws for Christmas. This one may actually be worse. Annette told me the other day that during a certain time of the month for her, the migraine just waits there and can come for any reason, even when the activities that appear to cause them aren’t triggers the rest of the month. Soooo, I know I was under stress in December because of Christmas and getting ready for inventory, and going on a trip. . . this time, I’ve just come out of a 3-day work week that was horrendous, and had to actually do work every day since then (friday with an hour on the phone to work, saturday actually fixing the computer, and sunday bringing the computers back to work and finishing them up). So the stress of that might just have triggered it especially because its that time of the month.

I also want to know about secondary migraines - is it common to have a switching migraine, one on the other side that comes after a big one? I think if I was having this second migraine alone, it would feel worse, but since I feel so much better than I did earlier, its nominal. (I still should be sleeping, but its not working)

Are the side effects I’m having consistant with normal migraines (I think so; especially that they are becomming more consistant with MY migraines in the past - I’m starting to follow a pattern).

And why the hell haven’t I refilled my Zomig perscription? I know, it’ll be way expensive and I just now have my insurance kicking in, but man, maybe I could have prevented this. I would have given my self a SHOT to stop the pain earlier.

Do migraines have anything to do with CFS? Finish checklist on the floor of CFS symptoms and schedule drs. appointment.

My Research Section may be added to in the morning

Women’s Health Interactive: Headache Center | Migraine and Female Hormones - Helping women understand headaches causes and treatments.

Classic migraine starts on one side of the head but may eventually spread to the other side

Scientists report that some women with migraine who take birth control pills experience more frequent and severe attacks.

There are two kinds of migraines—migraine with aura, which is called classic migraine, and migraine without aura, which is called common migraine. An aura happens for a short time right before the headache starts. You may see spots, zig-zag lines, or unusual colors. Arm or leg weakness, tingling or pins and needles in an arm or leg, and trouble speaking or understanding what someone else is saying happen less often. Auras usually end after less than an hour. Most patients dont have an aura. If you have an aura for the first time, it is important that you be seen by a doctor.

Migraine pain frequently switches sides, either during the attack or between individual migraine attacks, but it appears that it never occurs on both sides of the head at the same time.
Birth control pills increase the frequency and severity of migraine in 50 percent of women.


Everyday it seems I find a new reason to be glad I stopped taking my birth control pills. Strokes, weight gain, depression, migraines... I dunnno, irregular periods seems like a small price to pay to not have to worry about that.

You have described my day yesterday to the letter. At one point I actually thought I might go to the emergency room it was so bad. It’s only happened one time before, a number of years ago, however they had given me some kind of a shot in the emergency room and the migraine was gone within minutes.

I kept thinking about that yesterday, how wonderful that felt. The welcoming relief I had experienced. It’s really to bad I don’t remember what it was.

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