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021802 news

Weekend movie numbers: Yay for Brit, poor Bruce Willis! I usually love his movies, but this one didn’t look as thrilling. I actually want to see John Q. AND, I need to find a link to the article I read this weekend about Disney releasing sequels. With all of them coming out, it was interesting... maybe it was in the paper; I’ll have to look.

And in more entertainment news: Joan Collins' 5th wedding
"Collins, 68, and 36-year-old Percy Gibson were married in front of 175 guests at Claridge’s Hotel in London. . . . Collins has three children from her previous marriages. The oldest - 38-year-old Tara Newley - is two years older than her new husband."
My goodness! I think that’d be considered robbing the cradle!!!


i suppose her motto is try and try again, ugh! and in regards to the daughter being older than the hubbie, me thinks you’re right, that would be the classic definition of robbin' the cradle. laughing i think this is a fine example of what is wrong with america today, heh.

Hey I say Go Joan ! Guys do it all the time and there are no cracks about them. So you go girl

Hey I say Go Joan ! Guys do it all the time and there are no cracks about them. So you go girl

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