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99 pda!

PDA for only $99!!! Wow, I almost could go for buying this for myself!! It seems like an amazingly good deal smile


Hm if you’ll use it yes. I’ve had a palm IIIxe for awhile that I never use. I even got a smartpad for it but I have no life to keep track of lol smile

That’s my baby! I love it, but I will say I learned that I don’t like having everything electronic. I like having the paper planner somedays. I need a to-do list I can check off to figure out what’s left to do. But other then that, can’t say enough good things about the Handspring Visor Deluxe!

I stopped using mine for awhile... until I saw people setting up PDA versions of their blogs... hehehe Now I download them and if I’m stuck waiting somewhere, I catch up on some of my reading!

Hm if I had a modem I’d be keeping up with PDA versions of blogs... Add that to the list of things I want when I.. you know.. have money.. someday.. smile

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