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long-days end

After a long work day, I came home and put together dinner - we had tortellini and a huge salad with cucumbers and yellow peppers and corn. It was a good meal smile And easy, the best part after being such a busy girl!

So my dad asked me to work some tomorrow. So no MHD for me. He said he’d come pick me up so I didn’t have to go in early, and then I’m gonna leave at 2:30 when Annette leaves so that we can hit the Social Security office before it closes at 4. She found out that her birthdate on record wasn’t right, and they never mailed me my social security card, so I’m gonna try getting it in person. I’m not 100% sure that they changed my name, but I’ve had official government correspondence to my married name, so I’m pretty sure... but they never sent the card or the certified copy of my marriage license back... I wasn’t about to send a 2nd copy of my marriage license, so since Annette’s going over there anyhow... I’ll try this smile

I’ve actually made it through my daily reads now, for the first time really of the day. Its been quiet on my page; not many comments. Maybe the pink is scaring people off ;) But then again, I haven’t had as much to say the last few days. I’ve been a bit depressed. Today was better, though.

I’m watching buffy reruns (see my giggle at bite me!) and soon, the new episode will be on smile That’s a wonderful part of tuesday nights, even when wednesdays aren’t going to be as restful!

So I’m off to grab my blankey, strip down to comfyness, and cuddle up on the couch smile ahhhhhhh...


I like the pink skin smile

I love the pink. It’s suttle, not too overpowering. And besides, I love stripes. smile The dinner you made sounds yummy. Tortellini is *so* good.

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