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this or that: 021202

I’m a bit late in the day, but its Tuesday, which means Ashley’s This or That! smile

  • Picnic on the beach or picnic in a park? Beach. Did I mention that we ate much of our leftover wedding food on the beach on our honeymoon? It was perfect.
  • Atlantic ocean or Pacific?
    Pacific smile I have only barely seen the Atlantic, but the Pacific is here, and so I love it here smile
  • Museum or the ballet?Museum please. Although I haven’t been to a lot, I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve been to. smile
  • Lots of pillows on the bed, or just a few? Well, we have a bunch of decorative pillows, but they end up on the floor, and we only use 2 smile
  • Home body or not? SO much of a homebody!
  • Introverted or extroverted?Introverted. I’m an ISTJ, 'member? smile
  • Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise, most definately. I am definately a morning girl, and watching the sun come up behind the mountains and hills.
  • Do you prefer ceiling fans or light fixtures? I did really like watching the ceiling fan in my bedroom in my old house. I’d sure like to have more lighting in my house; our bedroom has nothing automatically in it, and so its hard to see to turn on the lamp in the corner.
  • Lions or tigers or bears? I think I’ll go with Lions. We used to call Leonard "Leo the Lion" and he had some cute stuffed animals. So I’ll choose it just for that reason smile
  • The Beatles or The Monkees? Hummm, I think I’m a little young to be answering that. But since I’ve been to Liverpool and the Beatles Museam, I’ll go with the Beatles!


NO ONE is too young for the beatles!

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