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izzys and more

If you lived in the Portland area, it would be funny. Every time E said "let’s go to Izzy's", I’d have to finish off the sentence "is pizza (plus a whole lot more!)" :g: I’m a big dork, I know smile

So we went to the pizza buffet for lunch yesterday. I’m never super impressed with their salad bar, and they are pretty slow getting out pizzas on the bar, but it was okay. Just not on my hugely favorite list.

And then, it was time for another trip to Best Buy. E thinks he’s finally picked out which PDA he wants, and so he wanted to go and touch it and make sure. Of course, they don’t have any in stock, so we came home to check it out online. Their ordering page is screwed up, and I still can’t make it work even 12 hours later. (particuarly the spot to pick which store to pick the item up from) So E’s frustrated. He wanted to order it right then. Poor guy.

I was pretty weak yesterday. I just can’t seem to keep myself totally unsick, and my back and legs are so tight and hurty that I took a nap in the middle of the day. So I barely sat at my computer at all. Plus, I am really stressing about my meeting with my dad today, and so that was on the top of my mind off and on all day. I still don’t know what my answer will be, so I guess I’ll share my pros and cons and he can help me from there.

We need to do some shopping at some point soon since we are out of bread and cereal. So I went over to Safeway’s page, to see what was on sale. Ya know how cool it is? It recognizes me from my safeway card (which I entered in the other day when I was playing over there) and tells me what my favorite purchases are!!! I’m in awe smile How super helpful! I really could be totally drawn in to the idea of online shopping. The only thing that’s stopping me is the $10 delivery fee, when I know I could go over there for an hour and shop with E and have it be free. BUT, it sure would be super convenient to do it and then not have to spend the hour on my legs (because that’s been enough to kill me lately and make me stay on the couch for the rest of the evening) and be able to organize my recipes beforehand and order with my books in front of me.

I can see the sun starting to hit the horizon outside. This is such an amazing time of day, when its all dark and if you look careful enough, you can see the rainbow of colors coming together and rising to meet the day. Beautiful!

So today should bring for more relaxing for a while, and then a meeting with dad, and then coming home to relax. I don’t have other real plans. Maybe I’ll play and watch tv and take a nap like most weekend days smile


I am so jealous! I wish I still had the delivery option. I calculated it out - I do at LEAST $10 worth of impulse shopping when I shop in the store. Online saved me a ton of money, paying the delivery fee and then some! Try it ... just once. You’ll love it. And no hauling the stuff in from the car!

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