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Vday skin

Pick a Skin

That’s right, girls and boys - we’ve got a valentine’s day theme going over here smile If you already have the default skin, you’ll see pink and red for a few days. Otherwise, feel free to go over and switch yourselves smile

(I haven’t tested this out a lot yet... so if thinks are wonky, I’ll look at it when I return from a little trip outta the house with my boy smile )

Oh, and feel free to check out the graphics sets I added - my valentine’s spirit is all full of hearts and pinks and reds smile


oohh! i love it! so bright and love*ly laughing you are so creative kristine!

It makes me think of candy which makes me want some.. I love it! hehe

wonky.. LOVE that word smile This looks great hon!

I love it...it is so...sweet! Makes me think of peppermint sticks! smile

wow! i was in for a shock when i popped in tonight! it looks great!

i might just have to snag one of your sets for valentines day. they all look great! smile

This is so cuuuuuuute—I LOVE it!!!

Love it! It is so cute and very Valentine-ish!

Snazzy & stuff!!! I like it. smile

It’s so pink! I like it! smile

Yowza! Now that’s pink, baby!

Adorable!!! I love it! You did a good job making it readable with stripes. Not an easy accomplishment.

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