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diabetes cure

Tests Begin for Diabetes 'Cure'
- A drug that cures diabetes in lab animals finally has begun human tests. The radical idea behind the drug—still unproven—is that a person’s body can rebuild its own broken-down insulin factories.

I’m very excited that studies like this could be instrumental in changing the way that people with diabetes have to take care of themselves. With things like this going on, the chances of Matthew having a cure in his lifetime is great. smile


Hi, Im from Brazil and I like this post because I am diabetic too. I have a link of your wesite in my blog (http://myimagination.blogspot.com). I write in portuguese so, if you can talk with me, send me a comment im my blog or a e-mail.
I like to know...who is Matthew? How old is him? How many time he have diabetes?
Thank you for the attention

I’ll keep a note of this one for my dad smile

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