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Make Mine Dvorak - One writer’s love affair with the other keyboard layout.

Six weeks ago, worrying about my aching wrists and furious at my own keyboard, I decided to give the dead man’s dream a try. I tweaked a preference in Microsoft Windows and used a black felt pen to convert my Qwerty keys into Dvorak keys. A week later, I permanently Dvorakized my keyboard, erasing the markings, popping all the keys off, and sticking them back on August’s preferred way.

How well does it work? Rapturously

I wouldn’t be opposed to trying this sometime. I mean, I’m way fast (probably 80-90wpm) as it is, but can you imagine being even faster? If you were in a secure job where you knew you could always have a keyboard with this format, it sure would be cool to be super-speedy smile

What do you think?


Oh man, I’d have to take a typing class all over again and completely retrain myself! The letters have almost worn off the keyboard on my Dell laptop, but I’ve always just known instinctively where they were—never even having to look down. I can’t imagine tricking my brain into learning to type all over again. Although for hunt-and-peck two-finger typists like Todd, it would probably be bliss!

For me, I usually use QWERTY and as well the letters are worn off my keys and my keys are dented. When at school I actually have to restrain myself because it bothers people that I type so fast and hard.

I did learn Dvorak and use it for a few months but we can’t access the keyboard settings at school (only admins can) so it was kind of silly to remember to do Dvorak at home and QWERTY at school. I do up to 110 in QWERTY, not sure about Dvorak.

sounds cool... but i’m not sure i’m willing to re-learn my "typing". i don’t use the correct fingers on the correct keys... but i type pretty quickly, and i don’t look at the keyboard.

besides... i don’t quite know how to pop the keys off the keyboard. ;)

It took me many, many years to finally get up to 80wpm. My keys have no letters. Relearning ... would take me 4-5 more years. I type so fast now, I don’t think it would be worth the nightmare to relearn how to type!

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