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sick again?

ya know how fast I said I felt sick on saturday? Well, I think its coming back. During the last hour or 2 or 3, I’ve been sneezing even more, and my right eye is fuzzy feeling. Not a bad headache yet, but I’m running like a faucet. Why? I swear I got rid of this already. Hmmm, how can I get it twice? sad


sweetie, i have been going back and forth with the same thing. one day, i feel fine, the next, i feel like dog doo. although in my case, i’m pretty sure its because our temperatures keep changing so drastically (last week, we had a 70+ day, today, it was, like, 30), and my body’s confused.

just rest, rest, REST! drink fluids, eat well... and don’t stress about it smile

dontcha know, shawn? telling me not to stress is like telling a sleep deprived person to climb into bed and close their eyes but not fall asleep ;)
I’ll sure try - I am only working today, and then not again until next tuesday smile So I have lots of days to get better smile
I hope you feel better soon!!!

oh no! i hope you’re not feeling sick now!

I hope you’re not getting sick again and I hope you feel better!

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