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its a beautiful day in the rainyland....
Its a rainy morning. So rainy that it looked like a waterfall out on our slanted part of the road! Its slowed a bit now, but at least we won’t have to be worrying about a drought this spring/summer! I guess the snowpack up on Mt. Hood is really good this year, too smile

I had a nice long talk with my brother about leaving. He sounds just about as torn as me on some of my issues. He wants me to stay (but not at the expense of my health). He wants me to not be fighting with mom all the time. So I still don’t know the answer.

Between my invoice stuff I’m working on, I’m posting and reading the MT boards - its such a cool program, and its so cool to be part of such a neato program and be able to help out answering the questions and learning smile

My nose is still stuffy, and sneezy! Guess I better keep on my water smile

No fucking stress on the girl who isn’t working because of being under stress. Mom just told me I have today and tuesday to finish the taxes. No fucking way. I can’t get it done that fast.

I’m gonna do some research when I have time - What foods have folic acid in them? Megan said that’s a good thing for women to have.

But I’ve had this screen up for the last 3 hours, and this is all I’ve had time to say, so I guess I’ll click post and think more later smile


Here’s a link to a basic article on folic acid, with some foods that contain it: http://epregnancy.com/info/nutrition/qa-folate.htm It’s especially important during pregnancy, and if you are thinking of conceiving soon. (Though, once you are pregnant, you’ll most likely be put on a pre-natal vitamin that contains the minimum of what you need).

folic acid is also good for the skin. smile Especially people with sensitive skin- like me.

Thanks, Carol! I should have known to come to you because you would know that for pregnancy smile Yes, Megan suggested that this would be a good thing to pay attention to if I plan to get pregnant in the next year or so... so that’s why I was looking. This list doesn’t tooo bad - I’ve been drinking extra orange juice lately (calcium enriched so I can have strong osteoporosis-free bones!). I’m not a big pea/lentil/spinach girl, though. I’m gonna have to pull out mom’s spinach cassorole recipe; its got rice and cheese and spinach in it, and it would be a good way to get the spinach in smile

If you take a daily multivitamin, you should be doing well (though it definately doesn’t hurt to add more to your diet—especially spinich because it’s also rich in iron!). Plus, so many cereals now are fortified with folic acid. Just do some label reading and you’ll see that it’s easier than it might seem at first!

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