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oh my goodness, I laughed so hard... smile
This is a letter I got this afternoon from my sister Megan. No, she’s not kidding. She does make me laugh a lot smile

Have I got the greatest idea of all great ideas for you Kristine!! See, since you have all of this time off now, I see this as precious time we’re working with. Just like people get wedding cordinators for their weddings or a Presadent for a PTA, why would your pregnacy be any different. This is a once in a lifetime offer I’ve got for ya here!!! To get yourself mentally and physically ready to have a lots of babies, I’d like to present to you, from me, your own PERSONAL PRENATAL TRAINER [P.P.T]..........ME!! smile This is a great way to get you in shape and feeling great...while simotaneously keeping you accountable to ME to let me know waht’s going on on a regular basis. See since you’re only part-time now, I figure that you’re only half accountable to someone else—you thought your were getting off easy like that huh!! I THINK NOT SWEETY!! "So what does this personal prenatal thing all about?" I bet you’re asking rihgt now...well, that’s my "hook" to get you on the edge of your seat waiting to go! smile Here’s my thinking on the whole sitution....I figure it’ll take you nine months to prepare your body and then the big SHABAM -- that’s where Eric comes in -- then another 8 1/2 - 9 months of pregnancy... I predict by around summer of 2004 you’ll have a new little one around there --that’s when I’ll be at the Portland campus so I’ll be there for the whole process of you being a cranky/hormonal/HEALTHY soon to be mommy! So how’d I do, are you convinced? If not how about this to intice you....A LARGE PIECE OF TRIPPLE CHOCOLATE CAKE...sounds good huh!! Want to know more....sign-up now for the next 18 months of your life....in MY handssmile For more information call 1(xxx) xxx-xxx or by email megan@love-productions.com


hee hee! your sister is too cute! smile

That it funny! smile

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