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nutshell toolbar

Oh this rocks! Andre Torrez has his site back up. He has a new search utilty called Nutshell Toolbar which searched Amazon and IMDB in addition to google... I’m gonna use this a lot, I know I will! Thanks, Christine for the link!

This is gonna age me as a blogger, but I was a total powerblogger-slut when he had it up - I neared the top of the charts so many days near the end of the time it was up smile He also used to have a fun drawing game up for a while called Pixel Toy. smile Anybody else an old enough blogger to remember these things? smile


i don’t remember the pixel drawing toy, but i do remember power bloggers.

that was really back in the day. wow. i feel old now too!

Gosh, I used to refresh over and over again on powerbloggers, and sometimes I would blog more than I had to say just to get on there. Yikes.

OH man. That’s blogger history? I feel so old in real life AND on the Internet.

Thanks a lot! smile

I don’t remember Power Bloggers. On the other hand, my FilePile number is 169 (quite a low number!) and I started my very own *huge* meme there. That should count for something! I miss Andre’s "want to watch my Tivo?" design. That always made me giggle.

yeah, well...i’m user number 2 on filepile and i ... um ... i am really cute...yeah!

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