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links and stuff

A few afternoon links that I just had to point out...

Robyn posted a link to the GameCube, but cooler, and wow, its so neato!!!

And then Christine posted a link to ads from the superbowl - the ads were the only reason I even thought of watching, so this was better than sitting at home watching for hours to see just the ads LOL! I loved the Pepsi/Britney commercial, of couse, and I laughed out loud at the Kevin Bacon/VISA ad with 6 degrees of separation! I watched a few of the movie previews, too. Damn Vin Diesel is hot!!! smile

I know I’ve seen this before, but the Earth at Night is just too cool not to link to again. This link is courtesy of Miss Dara.

That’s all for now... back to your regularly schedule reading ;)


I *loved* that Kevin Bacon one! It was GREAT!

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