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020402 horoscope

Wow, I’ve been impressed by some of my horoscopes lately from astrocenter... today says:

An unexpected career break could suddenly come your way today, Kristine, which should be exciting and encouraging - but at the same time a little scary! Don’t let apprehension get to you, for you won’t want to let this opportunity pass you by. Your good fortune could arouse envy in some of your coworkers, but don’t let this bother you either. Simply do what you need, get the ball rolling, and then go ahead with it. Good luck!
Wow does this ever capture my feelings today? I am starting a career break and yes, I have/will have some envious co-workers.

I am always amazed when these things are right, because I’m naturally skeptical.


I’m glad I’m not alone—mine have been dead-on lately too—life, love, and health!

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