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participation positives: 020402

Its Monday. Mondays mean Participation Postives and even a special new page that Jess set up for them!

  • After being pretty sick this weekend, I’m down to just a stuffy nose and no more headache to go along with it.
  • I’m at home today beginning my first 2-day week. (I’m working tuesdays and thursdays only)
  • This is exciting because it means I’m finally starting to take care of myself.
  • I ate healthy today so far, and even used FitDay to track that.
  • I wrote up my goals, and it makes me happy to think about fufilling them.
  • I can see how a daily routine would come out of my days off. I like routines.
  • Eeyore on top of my desk is happy because I hug up a fragrant sachet up next to him to make it smell nice.
  • Even though I’ve done it slowly, I’ve accomplished some things today.
  • I am loved, and I love.
  • I got a nice long nap in this morning!

It really is good to reflect on such positive things, and I really am happy that Jess has made it a tradition for me now smile


i’m happy you’re participating because i always relate to two or three of your positives!

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