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stress pains

A new discovery I had yesterday....
Given enough stress, my joints will start having immense pain, even without walking on them and giving them that stress. Yesterday afternoon, I was killing myself to finish a project, and my lower back almost locked up on me; when I moved, it was evil bad pain.
so note to self... don’t get in stressful situations because it can do evil bad things!!


ohmigoodness! *sending you happy healthy not-in-pain type vibes*

You know my fiance tells me sit ups are good for your back? He says sometimes your back gets sore because your abdominal muscles are week so your back has to work too hard to keep you standing up straight. I actually take vitamins with cranberry extract in them because of kidney probs.


I always have shoulder pain and I wonder if it’s from stress or if I have arthritis setting in. What do you all think.

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