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wouldn’t you think if you had been a loyal and good employee for almost 4 years and 6 other partial years before... and that when it was your last real day of work, someone would say something to the effect of "we’ll miss you" or "thanks for all you did today" even? My dad left without saying a word, and mom just left without even talking to me. I mean, I’ll be here tuesday, but still. I feel unappreciated. I’ve worked my butt off to the point of crazyness this week. :sigh:

I need a good meal and some relaxing, I guess.

edited to add... It would be one thing if I was just rejoicing and excited about leaving, but I’m really worried and feel sad that I need to do this. I mean, yeah, I know that for my health and sanity, I need to go. But I understand how this could be bad for the business. I wish they realized how sad I am, ya know?


Maybe they know your coming back in for partial weeks and are waiting til you really leave to say good bye... maybe i’m just being optimistic...


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