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google search

I don’t normally post my search referals, but it makes me smile that someone looked for kristine+hopeless+romantics. Okay, 'fess up, which one of you was looking for me?! smile


It was me. I want to stalk you in every way possible. LOL! ;)

Aww you have a admire out there!

Kristine ~ I think that it might have been me. One day, a long time ago, I was searching for your site but couldn’t remember the URL, and I was too lazy to go to my Weblog and click the link there. So I *think* that I remember typing in those search terms. I think ~ I can’t exactly remember.

tee hee Lisanne! This was in my referals yesterday afternoon, so it probably wasn’t you then smile
And S, you rock, I’m glad you are my stalker ;)

I’ve done the exact same thing as Lisanne. I don’t have a set way of going through my favorites reads, so sometimes I just google them, heh!

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