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participation positives: 012801

Its time for jess’s participation positive! I love the thought of starting the week off positively, and need it so much smile

  • Its the last week I’ll work full time for months.
  • Only 3 1/2 more january-days!
  • I wrote my sister a letter this morning
  • I have my glasses so that my eyes feel better today
  • I got to talk to my other 3 siblings at least once today
  • I got a whole lot done this morning on statements
  • We got our medical cards finally after paying for insurance since November, and my prescription won’t be $80 this month!
  • I had a delicious healthy breakfast and lunch
  • We are going grocery shopping, and that means good food for tomorrow!
  • I have such a great group of friends in my daily reads. I feel like I am supported and thought of fondly throughout this group smile
  • and finally, I have a wonderful boy who loves me and *loves me* and loves me a lot.


thanks for the positive thoughts!

yay for kristine’s awesome monday positives! smile

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