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100 things

Ashley, Cheryl, and Rachel did a 100 things about me list. I just had to follow suit, and worked on it off and on today smile

Welcome to the completely annotated guide to me. smile The links are mainly for me, but feel free to click through to the things these factoids remind me of smile

  1. I’ve been to half of the states.
  2. many of them are the ones between here and Michigan.
  3. I was born in Kalamazoo, MI.
  4. yes, there really is a Kalamazoo.
  5. I’ve lived in a bunch of places with weird names: Paw Paw, Walla Walla, Washougal.
  6. my husband is from Loma Linda, another weirdly named place.
  7. we started dating exactly 14 days before I graduated.
  8. he didn’t tell his parents that he had his first girlfriend and that’s why he was staying for graduation.
  9. he told them at the airport, and they were excited.
  10. I had a job at college that wouldn’t allow me to wear jewelry. I pierced my ears the day after I finished the job.
  11. I only had one boyfriend before E. He was an ass, and I think he cheated on me.
  12. I have never had a pet, although I did like the 5 kitties that my mom’s cat had. I named one Marvin after my martian.
  13. My brother can’t imagine that I would ever have kids and not give them the pleasure of animals.
  14. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.
  15. people mistook me for their mom when we’d be out in public as young kids.
  16. all five of us have a natural inclination towards cooking, as well as a strong work ethic. we were all homeschooled.
  17. all of us kids like using our middle names, and sign things with all three names.
  18. I took my maiden name, Locatis, as my second middle name.
  19. my kids are gonna have 2 middle names.
  20. I want 2 or 3 little girls. and buy them pretty dolls. E says boys, and legos!
  21. I’m terrified of childbirth.
  22. I have had one surgery, and the IV freaked me out more than the surgery.
  23. I also had a cast on my leg for 6 weeks to try and make my ankle better.
  24. it didn’t work, but I got the cute boy from church to sign it for me, so I kept the cast forever!
  25. there is a little red book in my desk that I wrote all of my crushes from 13-teen years in.
  26. harrison ford, kirk cameron, and several others made the list.
  27. harrison ford *still* makes my list!
  28. I love good celebrity gossip and photos.
  29. a large section of my harddrive is devoted to buffy images.
  30. I also admit to reading buffy smut on occasion.
  31. buffy the vampire slayer is by far my favorite show.
  32. its got the perfect appeal to me, with unconventional relationships that give me evil thoughts.
  33. I used to be quite the soap-opera junky. I’ve watched all of the soaps at one time or another 'cept Y&R and B&B.
  34. there are lots of soap opera web pages, and that’s what started me on designing.
  35. particularly, an AOL group for a GH actor, which is where I met Rina.
  36. I’ve used AOL since 1994. Damn long time for something that slow! I still use it at work.
  37. at&t@home is such a delight at home to be able to be surfing and downloading so quickly.
  38. I have over 1400 mp3s as a result.
  39. and thousands of font files.
  40. I sort my fonts by category when I unzip them so I can find them easily.
  41. but then when I actually use fonts in my designs, I have used a lot of standard fonts.
  42. part of this is because I don’t want to use something that I’ll get in trouble for.
  43. I’m a natural law-follower. I hate to even have the chance of making someone mad or getting in trouble.
  44. this might be why personality tests have suggested I be a librarian or teacher.
  45. personality tests give me great pleasure. it makes me intrigued at what people might think of me.
  46. I’m an ISTJ. Ya know, like Eeyore.
  47. when I tested in high school, I was declared melancholy, but I bet if I took the same test now, I’d be melancholy/choleric.
  48. I wasn’t a very happy person in high school.
  49. lots of people liked taking advantage of my dependability and made me do their jobs.
  50. I was stronger by the time I got mid-way through college.
  51. I had two best friends at two different times who had very similar personalities, had the same build and haircut, and used me and threw me away.
  52. I don’t have the best luck with real-life friends. but I have a really lucky streak with my online friendships.
  53. it would be nice to have someone to go out with and have fun every once in a while, however.
  54. our area has some beautiful places to go out to. an hour drive in different directions gets you to the ocean, desert, mountains, rivers, and valleys.
  55. I could stare at Mt. Hood for hours.
  56. my dream house would overlook my mountain with the sunrise behind it.
  57. I also envision a porch with a swing, and some rose bushes.
  58. dreams for the future are a beautiful thing.
  59. vivid dreams from lack of sleep, however, aren’t always so beautiful.
  60. taking care of my health is something I’m working harder on.
  61. exploration of the posibility of chronic fatigue is part of my health hopes.
  62. cuz I’m tired a whole lot of the time.
  63. I do lots of research before I make any decisions.
  64. I’m an excellent researcher. everyone knows this and asks me to find things for them.
  65. does it surprise you that I actually worked at a library for 2 1/2 years as a volunteer?
  66. or that I won a book reading contest the summer I was ten - I read 104 books, way more than anyone else.
  67. I do love romance novels. this is part of the reason that I know I’m a hopeless romantic.
  68. romance/smut, same diff... ;) Judith Krantz and Jude Deveraux are my favorites.
  69. lately, I only read when I go on trips. my books need to come out of their box and into the shelves in my craft closet.
  70. I built myself a craft desk in the closet of our office-room.
  71. my high-hopes for this are start with making a quilt, which I hope to do over the next few months.
  72. I also keep stamping and paper products for my creative moments, and tons of other accessories.
  73. love-productions started off being a card-making venture, and I still wouldn’t mind selling art-stuff on my webpage.
  74. my plans for love-productions are grand, but not super-grand.
  75. I own 4 domains now. I bet I’ll own more.
  76. weekends are dominated by playing on the computer.
  77. games are fun, but not always as much fun as designing.
  78. I like strategy games like Civ II and Civ III and all of the Sims games.
  79. we have a playstation, and probably will get a playstation 2.
  80. i bought E the playstation for valentine’s day 2 years ago. maybe I’ll do the same idea this year.
  81. he’s a final fantasy boy.
  82. when he played ffviii, he renamed Squall to Eric and Rinoa to Krissy.
  83. this makes me smile because Zalary and J aparently did the same thing with their names.
  84. Zalary makes me smile lots. she bought me champagne punch jelly bellys, and they are my favorite.
  85. I have met a bunch of my current friends through Zal’s board, Silver Ingrid.
  86. it’s not as active as it was, but its still fun.
  87. I like reading message boards, and following threads and seeing how I can help.
  88. currently, my favorite is the movable type boards because I’m learning so much about how it works.
  89. I also frequent the pixelitas boards because i’m a proud member of the group.
  90. I don’t have a whole lot of online memberships, but its fun to feel like part of a group.
  91. I do lots of fun meme’s like this because I like feeling part of something.
  92. this includes instigating some things just because I like others feeling like part of something.
  93. even when I don’t have time to do these things, I love it.
  94. yes, I tend to overextend myself.
  95. but I’m happy with who I’ve become, and it feels good to say that.
  96. my happy days run closer together and give me hope for all days to be happy.
  97. E helps in this happy feeling, as do my friends.
  98. chocolate and cherry coke and marvin the martian and alien dudes also contribute to my happiness.
  99. making up songs and funny words like beautimus and ginormous are good things too.
  100. and that’s me. in a 100 line thought stream. do you know more than you did before the list?


I think I DO know more now smile!

Online friends are great. But I do agree that it would be nice to have some of them to hang out with on the weekends...

I’m an ENTP, almost the exact opposite!

oh wow, Ashley, we are almost opposite! I match the description of an iSTJ so well that it’s funny! smile

Great list! And I can’t believe employers that won’t let you wear any jewelry exist!

What a great list, Kristine! I like your made-up words a lot. smile

Oh, I haven’t finished reading yet, but legos are for girls, too! I hated dolls as a child, but even seeing legos in a store makes me yearn for kid-dom again!!!

i’m going to do one of these things one day... i was actually trying to search for something... you talk about work so much... what do you do for a living (and you don’t have to name names)? besides playing in MT code all day long. LOL smile

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