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stuff and things

I could use this title on half of my posts and it would work smile I got it from E, who when asked what he is doing, he tends to say Stuff and Things to avoid answering. Silly boy!

Its so frustrating to have spent like an hour trying to fall asleep, and then wake up 4 hours later. I had no caffeine today, and only a little nap. I know, its all just obnoxious and I can’t do anything about it, but I laid there for so long trying to fall asleep!

Today starts my last week of almost full time work. At least, that’s the plan. My dad was talking to me on friday night for a while about how dissatisfied he’s been with how mom’s been handling the money. I don’t think I can help him with that, but I’m afraid that he’ll make some wild-ass proposal to me. I wish he’d just accept that I’m leaving and not make me feel so tortured. Its okay, I will just yawn at him, and maybe he’ll feel bad ;) Tee hee. Right now, that might not be far from the truth!

I feel bad that I didn’t try and call Megan today. We kept ourselves busy most of the day, but I had great intentions. We haven’t had a chance to connect for quite a while, and that’s sad. I know she’s busy, though, and I hate to share much about what’s going on with me, because I know its stressful to listen to!

If I was a little more energetic while I’m awake right now, I’d work on paying some bills. I have a few that are waiting for me next to my desk. Oops.

And hmmmm... I’m hungry. Maybe I’ll go downstairs and make a grocery list smile I have coupons to go shopping after work... unless I’m too tired out. We are getting down to the bare minimum of a few things, like cheese, and its hard to make sandwiches even w/o that! I’m definitely excited at the thought of being at home more and learning to cook more things smile

So I’ll go downstairs and see if I can find anything half-way entertaining on tv to make me fall asleep now. good night again.

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