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Sunday recap

Ahhh, a restful Sunday. We spent some of the day cleaning up downstairs (Christmas stuff is almost all put away!), and watched Legally Blonde and Fast and the Furious, both good movies. Then I took a nap and just woke up!

Now I’m catching up on blogs. Here’s what I’m finding....
Zalary added skins back to her site - cute new skin!
Robyn makes me want to do a celebrity skin. I have some absolutely perfect pics of Alyson Hannigan I could use.... put on to do list smile
Christine’s been working this weekend getting her friend Kymberlie’s new blog up, and it looks like it’ll be a good one.
Looks like I missed out while I was movie-watching on Laura and Kayley’s cookies - oops!
I laid in bed thinking about 100 things to share - like Ashley and Cheryl did. I think I could have a really good list if I stopped to write it!

So now, Futurama is on, and I should go and grab some dinner, with my body that feels 90-years-old from body aches! I’m thinking... Apple Cinnamin Cherrios?!! smile


Yay, new pretty skins smile Alyson Hannigan is my favorite Buffy character.

I think I’m going to use your Antique Hearts Linkware Layout for my Valentine’s Layout this year. smile

When you make the Alyson skin, I will officially lose Todd forever! wink

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