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awake, lucas, job

Well, I never fell asleep. I tried and then turned on the tv. And then I turned it off and tried again. And then I turned it on after just laying there. And then I finished watching Biography: George Lucas, since I was still awake, and then I tried again. Nope. No luck. Wow, that’s sad, I’m gonna be so tired by this afternoon.

So I watched bio about Lucas, and it was just absolutely intreguing. I’d love to come back and watch the beginning and the middle at some time. So I came upstairs to do some searching afterwards.
I found E! Online News - No "Star Wars" 7-9, Lucas Says

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Lucas says he never intended to make nine Star Wars movies--a surprise to many of the series' hardcore fans, who remember the filmmaker envisioning a nine-part series when the original Star Wars came out in 1977.
And this was something I had been wondering about. I had always heard the rumor about 7-9, and even asked E about it the other day. So we have two more Star Wars to look foward to - Attack of the Clones in May, and then Episode 3 after that. And another Indiana Jones, I understand smile

George Lucas seems like such a wonderful man. His dedication to his family and to caring about every detail really was inspiring. I believe that in the past, I’ve seen him listed as an ISTJ, like me, in personality tests. And that makes sense after watching the biography.

I wonder what I could have become if I had done a less practical career choice in college. Something with art instead of business. Maybe I could have been a great something. smile I know that some people frown on type A personalities, but when you need something done or a critical eye, the combo of Type A and ISTJ does it. Hmmm... middle of the night thoughts could get me in trouble!

Something that I heard on the biography was that Lucas wanted to be involved in every detail. People mentioned that he was the "dictator" when editing. I could relate to that - if you want it done right, do it yourself... that very sentiment may have been what got me in trouble at work. I was so forward thinking that I wanted to be able to have a computer system that would really aid our business. I’ve kept the best computers that we could keep updated on our budget, and installed Peachtree last December. To me, this was important because we couldn’t run our business without knowing the details, and the way we were doing things in Quickbooks was just not helping us. But in doing this, I wanted it done right. I wanted it to be done all the way or not at all. So I cut my mom out of the day-to-day transactions so that I knew they would be done right. I kept full control over several things I had been sharing duties with her before, and then I had to take on new responsibilites that were never mine before just because I was the one who knew the system. This did make for things being right, because I knew every transaction was looked over by me... but it also expanded my job to the point that it was too much. My Type-A personality shot me in the foot. I definitely see that in hindsite. But its not all my doing - there are many factors that facilitated this. It just is clear to me that I like having things done correctly. I have the critical eye. This may be why I should not be a mother. I can see myself being too critical of my kids. And I would hate to have that.

A while back, I talked to Zalary about putting up some personality pages. I still have that goal, because I’m just intrigued with how accurate these types can explain so many aspects of our lives.

So that’s how it goes - I stay awake, and so many thoughts come into my brain. Maybe now that I’ve set this brain-path down in letters and words on the screen, I can take an hour nap before having to get up. Here’s hoping!


We watched the show about George Lucas, too. My husband is a HUGE Star Wars fan! I thought that the special was very well done. I really enjoyed watching it. Glad that you liked it! smile

With Ben Affleck as Indiana Jones, I understand. YUCK. I wish they wouldn’t bother.

Are you sure you aren’t thinking of the next Jack Ryan movie, Candi? That one’s got Ben Affleck on it. I’ve been hearing rumors about the Indiana Jones starring Harrison. And I’ve also heard Kate Capshaw, Steven Spielburg’s wife. So I’m not thinking Ben could play against Kate. But I could be hearing the wrong scoops smile

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