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sleepless again

So more vivid dreams last night. 2 different sets of them that I remember. I slept in bed until 1 some, and then got up and did some stuff - surfed, found some new CFS info, rolled up Christmas lights, drank some water, watched some TV. And then back to sleep on the couch with more dreams about the old friend and her family that keeps popping up in my dreams. Such odd dreams, but so very clear. I’m not sure, but I’m wondering if my possible CFS is taking advantage of my sleepyness and using my anti-depressants that are balancing my seratonin to form extra-creative dreams.... which makes my creativity much less during the day timeconfused I did some research this morning, and I’m not finding much info - except that PWC have restless sleep, and people taking drugs with depression might be more likely to have vivid dreams (from message boards, and paxil wasn’t mentioned). Blah.

So I’m feeling so uncreative; every time I open up PS, I have brainstorms, but they just don’t seem to come out the way they should. I need to just let myself keep taking a break on my designs until after this week... because I’m so hard on myself when I end up trashing the designs I work on because they aren’t turning out right.

I thought about making cinnamin rolls for breakfast, but I didn’t quite have that much energy. In fact, I barely had enough energy to make it back up the stairs to my computer! And I’m itchy, for no apparent reason and that’s bugging me!!! BUT.... we have several movies to watch today, and that’s a happy thing smile So more relaxing today. yay for relaxing smile


I am so tired today too! I couldn’t get out of bed and when I finally did, all I want to do is go right back. Cinnamon rolls sound good too. Bake up a big batch and mail some over!

CFS will get ya every time. Sorry to hear your not feeling good today. I actually was midiagnosed with CFS when I was younger.. turned out I have a form of narcolepsy they have the same symptoms... I woke up with that fuzzy head feeling vivid dreams etc.

Mmm Cinnamon rolls!

*hugS* hon it’s hard when you have no energy. And yep it’s true PWCs have restless sleep, and antidepressants and CFS will give you extremely vivid dreams. I just hope you don’t have any really nasty nightmares, I found that with antidepressants and CFS the good dreams were GREAT but the nightmares were horrible. *hugs* Let me know if you want to talk.

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