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mt fixes

Well, thanks to some tips from Ben, I fixed my weblogs.com ping issues, and straightened out my mt-search errors, as well as re-fixed my IP address tracking on comments (which I had uploaded over the hack when I installed the last version). While I was doing that, I set up the search on Rina’s blog. Anybody else need anything done? smile I’m tempted to enter Jenni’s contest - I played with some pretty white and yellow designs for a while. I know I could be working on projects of my own, but I don’t feel very focused. I may just play more Civ III smile


Your great at designs go for it smile

You should enter it! You’re one of the ones I was hoping would enter it. Credit will be given on the site in plain view at all times for the design that’s chosen. C'mon. Enter. You know you want to! wink

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