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anxiety overload

I took another nap - for like 3 hours. More vivid dreams - I don’t like wearing old lady pants while getting people killed in a museam. Hmmmm...

I think my nerves are definitely more on edge, I can feel my hands are a bit more shakey and my leg bouncy thing is faster than normal.

I just went downstairs to look in the cupboards to see what I could make for dinner. I thought about stroganoff over rice, with vegatarian Scallops on top. Oh, no sour cream. I thought about lasgana, because there is some ricotta cheese in the fridge... oh, no shredded cheese, it went bad and not enough regular cheese to shred. I thought about open face turkey sandwiches, but there’s not enough potatoes. I think we’re going with the old standby of spaghetti, because the options weren’t looking good. But I’ll put some bread in the breadmaker so we have fresh bread to eat with it. And we’ll have salad, with cucumbers and yellow peppers, because I have that stuff.

I took down one more set of lights. I just went and did a 30-minute sweep. Put the breadmaker on, started a load of white clothes, took down some lights, ate some carrots, took down the Christmas tree ornaments and lights (so the tree is ready for E to take apart)... that’s a good list of things to have done.

I think its finally time to go through my daily reads and maybe even play some Civ III for a little while. I have so many things I should be doing, but just my 30 minutes has me sweating and my heart beating too fast. I must rest.

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