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more alive

although my sad thoughts are still there, I’m feeling a bit better after getting some things done. I have a cake cooling downstairs waiting for me to put frosting on it, and the pans out for the spaghetti. the bread is getting close to being done. Getting a meal together makes me feel like I accomplished something. I do look forward to when I’m at home and can spend more time on meal planning and getting the proper ingredients for lots of different things. I have a feel that someday, I’ll be a good cook smile It runs in the family, ya know ? smile My dad is an excellent cook. He has a great sense of what ingredients are in things. He can eat something at a restaurant and duplicate it pretty well, given a few tries. Leonard actually went to culinary school for a little while - he’s great at making sauces. Megan is good at inventing things. She can cook something a few times, and then just dump and stir until it looks right w/o the recipe. Lisa is quite the little homemaker - she likes baking, and we’ve decided that she would can and freeze more things given the opportunity. Matthew has perfected his french toast recipe, but I don’t think he’s had as much of a chance to cook, being 13 and stuff smile So, as much as my mom’s genes should make me a flop at cooking, I’m surrounded by it. And as much as I haven’t been one to cook as much as my sisters, I’m getting to the point that I can host a dinner or bring a fancy desert and have people actually like it. That makes me happy to remind myself of that smile

I’m installing my CD-RW software now! woo hoo! smile


I’m glad to hear you were feeling a lot better about life here...I’ve been worried about you! Nothing like a little cake to make everything seem right in the world though! smile *hugs*

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