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dreams: old bf

I keep having dreams that star a best friend of mine. I don’t understand, I haven’t seen her since I was 17 or so. We didn’t leave our friendship on very good terms, either. She wasn’t always very nice to me; kinda selfish and very flirtatious with all boys. She always did things first (first kiss, first boyfriend, sexual firsts) before I even was at that stage. But we went to church together, and we were kinda the only girls of our age group for a while, so we hung out a lot.

So why does she keep showing up in these vivid dreams? Her and her brother, actually. We are almost always younger than our now-actual age in the dreams. Several of them have us playing video games with her dad, who I end up being embarrassed in front of because he makes fun of what I’m wearing. (Her dad was a mean old man, but never to my recollection made fun of me). The dream of last night I’ve had pieces of multiple times. We have a huge party in her house (which is just a house, not hers that I know), and trash the place while her parents are sleeping. So we redecorate to cover up the stains. Its a wacky massively long dream. I’ve had several other dreams with her in them lately as well.

I did find a cached article on google about this. So maybe I’m wishing that would be more rebellious like she was then. Hmmmm.....

(I had another friend 3 or 4 years after this one who looked VERY similar to friendA, and acted very similar to friendA, and was just as rebellious as friendA. Somewhere in my mind, I knew friendshipB wouldn’t work out any better than friendshipA, but still I was lonely and resorted to hanging out with another witchy friend who this time, did bad things with my boyfriend at the time. Ugh!!)


Since you mention church... I frequently choose to interpret unexplainable and recurring dreams as some sort of call to prayer. You might give it a try...

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