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veggie meat

I was kinda thinking that it might be good to have some stroganoff tonight, so I was looking around for some recipes. I wish there were more sites that used vegetarian meat substitues like Vegeburger and Fri-Chik and Cutlets and Scallops and other Adventist-y kinda foods. We have a cookbook at home, but the online selection is pretty scarce. I think the best of my search found me a board here: ABC Vegefood Discussion & Recipe Area.

In addition to Stroganoff on Rice or Noodles, I’d like to try Sweet and Sour sour with fri-chik and rice.

Hmmm... I think I could use Vegeburger in the Simple Beef Stroganoff I guess the test for this will be if the sour cream is any good at home!!! smile If not, dinner will be sandwiches most likely smile


hey, here’s a recipe for vegetarian stroganoff. and for more recipes, did you try recipe source, arielle’s recipe archives, or absolutely vegetarian?

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