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In a part of my healthy resolve, I spent some of my lunch break writing up what I ate so far today.

I really want to make sure that I’m not doing something to cause my weight gain. I think that if I could find something I’m doing wrong, than I can fix it.

This post is mainly for my records to be able to print out for the doctor - with real stats.

Resources for this post: [weight stats] [food food pyramid] [food chart - fat g] [antidepressents and weight gain]

Here’s the story. The first week of September was horrendously busy. I stressed at work massively, and had the computers crash on me like 3 times. And then, we went away with my family (which puts a lot of stress on me, being with my mom for a whole weekend) to move Megan to school. So I came back very unrefreshed and even more stressed, and then another week of work that was super stressful and more computer crashes. I was just dead after this.

I was bloated when we went on the trip because it was just that time of the month. Slowly, I had gone from 141 to 150 between late July when I started the paxil and September. That weight never went away. I bought a new pair of pants - 36" waist - because my 34" was too tight. Close to the time of my next cycle, I recorded my weight again at 155. I gained 5 more pounds recorded around thanksgiving time, and weighed in at 165 by mid-december. By early january, I could barely zip my pants again, and started having to leave them unbuttoned with a rubberband for some extra space. I’m hovering right around 170 right now.

During this time, my diet has changed but not substantually. As the months have gone on since the summer, I’ve increased my fruit and vegetable consumption, so this was a positive change. I’ve cut out many areas of fat down to lower fat options, and I’ve been packing my lunch instead of eating fast food almost every day. I have not been exercising much at all due to my tiredness with my self-diagnosed cfs. I get tired out just walking up and down the stairs (which I do 5-10 times a day as my only real exercise). I am a bit hungrier, but I’ve been satisfying that with fruit, raisins, carrots, and pretzels instead of junkfood like I would have picked before.

Also during this time, I got more and more worn out. The paxil, I believe, has kept me from being more depressed about the situation, and probably kept me from staying at home instead of going to work even during the stress. I’ve gotten new muscle aches, an off and on fever and headache, and other signs that give me a reason to think of CFS.

Food count for January 15, 2001

Foodserving sizefat (g)groupcarbs (g)
Raisin Bran1 cup1.5grain21
Milk1 cup3milk12
Orange Juice2 cups--fruit 252
Cherry Coke12oz0--42
Banana1 large2fruit 227
Cinnamin Raisin Bagel1 bagel2grain 238
Cream Cheese2T10milk1
Carrots - fresh1 cup--veggie 214
Yogurt - nonfat, raspberry1--milk17
Apple Bread1 piece10?grain13
Apple1 piece1fruit32
Totals:--__ g of fat5 grains
2 veggies
5 fruits
3 milks
0 Meat

My main downfall with today is that my pyramid has a guideline of 6 teaspoons of sugar. With my cherry coke, it has 42g of sugar - divide that by 4 and its 10.5 teaspoons. So even without adding in any of the other sugar, I’m way over. But as it is, I substituded water for my 2nd can of soda, so I’m doing better today than some days.

I’ll be back to edit this.


Hey Kristine, I wanted to pass along a book recommendation that might interest you, especially since you take anti-depressants.

The book is "Potatoes Not Prozac" by Kathleen DesMaisons. It’s an excellent book about how your blood sugar levels affect the way you feel (mentally and physically). It is targeted to people with sugar sensitivities... since you know now you have diabetes in your family and you already know how much you love sweets it might be worth a read.

There’s a good quiz on her site at: http://www.radiantrecovery.com/sensitive.html to determine if you’re sugar sensitive.

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