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graphics software

I’m a graphics program junkie, I’ll admit it. (post inspired by a link from Lockergnome to Graphic News)

I have use Paint Shop Pro since version 2 or something like that, and when I got Photoshop last year, I was the happiest girl ever. I have other assorted programs that I use for different purposes. Terragen for generating landscapes, sTile99 for seamless tiles, Tiera-Zon for fractals, Expression for vector graphics, Painter 5.5 for painting... and theres probably more that I’m forgetting too.

This afternoon, I ran into a link for Ulead PhotoImpact - Total Image Editing - right before I got PS, I was considering getting PI because it had some really neato features that I was wanting. 7 is a newer version that I tried out last, and I’m considering downloading a trial of this.

Why do I have so many? Because I really like getting different effects in everything I do. I enjoy having NEW things in my work. Its great fun to learn new things and find out how they work.

What is your program of choice?


They really are like crack, aren’t they? wink

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