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this or that tuesday

because I’m way bored, I’m doing a quiz I found over at Ashley’s place smile

Floss before brushing or brush before flossing?
After, when I remember. i’m bad.

White walls or colored walls?
I have lots of white walls because we are in an apartment. Which makes me think of Rina-bean and wondering how her painting is going. We were the white wall sisters smile

Old computer or new?
Pretty new, both of them smile

Dog or cat?
I lean towards kittys, but will have neither.

Sun tan or sun burn?
Sun BURN! I have light white skin. I’ll never have dark skin, only white or red smile

Books or magazines?
Magazines are more doable for small spaces of time. So I tend to get to read them more often.

Skydive or bungee jump?

Dusting or mopping?
Dusting, because mopping is messy.

Past or present?
present. I live in the now!

Sports or chick flicks?
chick flicks! I’ve never been much of a sportys girl.

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