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happy tuesday

good morning smile

I have my voice almost entirely back, and I got some real cough meds last night (you must try Vick’s Cherry Nyquil!) It knocked me out, so I only woke up once to get a drink and then I went straight back to sleep. Of course, I almost slept through my alarm (and still have Matchbox Twenty stuck in my head because that was the song playing), and I fell asleep in the car on the way here because the drugs were still telling me to sleep, but that’s okay :g: At least I got some sleep!

Robyn and Todd and Christine aren’t the only ones who are all upgraded - so am I smile Running MT 1.4 now smile Not *too* many changes in this version, but the next one will be carrying some of the changes I asked for smile That makes me feel like a part of it smile Speaking of them, I swear Robyn and Miss Ch were in my dream last night!!

I’m drinking ginger ale this morning. How nice on my throat smile

I got 2 bowls of cereal this morning smile That makes me happy! Cereal is a wonderful thing, especially if its Apple Cinnamin Cherrio Crispex. Yes, that’s a special kristine-y mix ;)

I kinda like the look of the new iMac. But Cori made me laugh hard - it really does have the feel of the pixar lamp logo guy!!

Shawn pointed me towards a new journal to check out - very bright!!

I really liked the link that Jessy posted to Journal Cards. This could be a really cool way to develop some of my more essay-like entries I’ve been writing lately. It feels good to be writing some content along with my blogging.

Welcome back from your trip, Kate!

Okay, that’s all for now, I suppose I should actually be sorting these purchase orders instead of pushing them around on my desk ;)


LOL! my mom thought i was the biggest dork to her for pointing that out.

i could NOT stop laughing once i figured it out. color me easily amused smile

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