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Sarah Album

McLachlan completes nine songs for new album

When the new album is completed, it will bring to an end a lengthy hiatus from the limelight for McLachlan. Her cover of the Beatles' "Blackbird," which features on the soundtrack to the upcoming film "I Am Sam" (out next month), will be the first new studio recording from McLachlan in several years.

"Really, the girl has not recorded anything new in four years," he said.

When asked to characterize the parts of the new album he has heard, McBride said: "Let’s just say that I am extremely happy."

Woo hoo! Pair this with a sophomore album coming up for Natalie Imbruglia, I’m one happy girl! I was starting to worry that we might not hear a new album out of either of them, but I’m way happy to hear this news smile


i’m so excited!! smile

Sarah sings Blackbird?? YAY!! That’s one of my favorite Beatles songs. ::bounces:: I must find out what other songs are on the soundtrack..I love the idea of all the Beatles songs. PLus, happiness for new a Sarah CD!

that soundtrack kicks some serious ass. I’m getting it as soon as it comes out! and lemme tell you what. when Sarah’s next album comes out.. I’ll be one of the freaks sitting outside the store waiting for the midnight release in whatever weather it happens to be.. lol I’ve waited WAY too long.. and it BETTER BE GOOD! tounge out

Yay yay yay!

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