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up late

well, so I’m up again.

I stayed up until 10 watching part of the mummy. I kinda feel asleep but woke up coughing. E came and gave me water @11, but I still coughed off and on until after midnight. I finally got up about 12:15ish and have been surfing since then. I’m really not feeling that tired, but I know I will be in the morning. I think this cough med is so screwed up that its not helping me now. I need me some 44D. I think I’ll walk to the store while I’m at work this morning and get me so - voice or no voice. Yes, that’s no voice. Going on day 4. My strongest whisper is getting a bit louder, but I don’t think that I’d want to be close enough for anyone to hear me but E at this voice level LOL! I’m just sleepy enough that I don’t wanna work on any of the projects I have going, but not sleepy enough to climb back into bed. What a pain. I’m such a whiner! But its so obnoxious, wouldn’t you whine?!!!

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