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Ya know, its just too easy now that I have three domains to go and pick up just one more.... It didn’t help that my credit card was already sitting here in front of me from paying bills online the other day.... I’m SO bad!!!

But hey, I’ve been thinking about this one for a while, and I just spent the last 2 hours developing what is going on it. I don’t think it needs seperate hosting right now, I’ll just multi-host it like I do with my other two.

I’ll let ya know what it is as soon as I get the content up smile


Your journal/domain is amazing! I’ll be sure to mark you on my favorite and visit every so often.

Only three? Snicker... I’ve got 30. Time to catch up.

can’t wait to see what domain you have and what you do with it! you always create such awesome sites!

You and Christine are really piling 'em up!! I am too cheap to spring for domains... but then again, my lousy host doesn’t accept more than one per account.

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