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quiet day

its very hard for a girl to giggle when a girl has no noises that come out when she giggles!

So it will be a quiet day in our house. Full of quiet projects and games and tv watching. Because what fun is it to go out when only one of us can talk?! I have fun things to talk about, they just won’t all come out with handmotions and whispery hints.

I’m trying some of the great-cori remedies. I did tea with honey (which went ALL over the place when I tried to get it out LOL!) and lemon. I did a nice steamy bath. Hot chicken noodle soup. I’ll have another steamy shower this morning. I’m drinking TONS of water - filtered thanks to my britta picher. Cough syrup to make my coughing not so violent (that seems to really help). I don’t feel nearly so bad as I did yesterday - the achyness from the cold isn’t so bad, and my nose isn’t nearly so stuffed up. I’m just silent!!

So, in honor of my silence, I’m working on some projects smile I had several brainstorms for new sets in my head. I am making some buttons for Miss S, who I told I would do that LAST weekend. Gonna play me some more spyro :giggle: And probably some other stuff.

Its the weekend! Yay for not having to feel guilty about being at home!!! smile


i can see you giggling, even though i can’t hear any sounds.

you’re too cute.

hope you’re feeling better soon! love ya! smile

Kristine...I hope that you feel better and get your voice back soon....Spyro will make you feel better...worked for me...

i agree with Cori, i can see you giggling with no sound - heehee

and you are too cute and i hope you feel better soon! i love you!

Glad your feeling better!

Hey there! Feel better! It’s no fun being sick, that’s for sure. You will get over this soon, I’m sure. I noticed that you have linked to my Weblog ~ I really appreciate that. So sweet of you. I have linked on my site to yours, too. smile You have put *so* much work into your site. Talk to you later!

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