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scary movies

What do you do when you are up coughing in the middle of the night? Drink your water, and sit up so you can breathe better and.... watch scary movies!!!

I caught the end of Jaws, and then Jaws 2 was on right after it (and LOL, Stefano was on it!!). So I flipped back and forth between that and Idle Hands, just for fun.

How crazy am I?!!! smile

Oh, I still have no voice. Nothing, nada, all gone! But I’m drinking tons of water and doing everything right, so hopefully it’ll return soon smile


I think that is very nifty how you have it where it says at the bottom that you are talking about say your blog/quizzes/hehe on this one, entertainment. Mucho awesome!


I have seen Jaws and Jaws 2 a thousand times...and only recently noticed Stafano! Too funny...Its odd to hear him without the 'accent' !!

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