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stayed home

okay, so I just woke up from a 3 hour nap. I did decide to stay home, thank you all for your notes. smile I still can’t talk, but I didn’t cough as much during my nap as I did during the night.

I figured out how to send a fax (by printing to FAX from an email window) from my computer to work with instructions for Annette @8 before I feel asleep :giggle: That was a good idea because talking wasn’t gonna work! I was proud of myself for figuring it out smile

The phone woke me up just now, from my parents house according to the caller id, but I’m not sure how to call them back, I don’t have enough of a voice. Oh well, they’ll call back if they need me.

It sure is a relief to be able to "talk" here when I can’t with my voice smile I’m glad my fingers move fast even when I’m sick!

I took a nice hot steam bath, and now I’m off to drink some tea and eat s'more chicken soup... all good stuff!


awww..get better soon hon!!

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