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Last night, when my throat was really starting to hurt, I mentioned something to E and I just remembered it because I wanted to post it here too.

I am very thankful because this is the first time I’ve gotten *really* sick in a long time. The last 2 winters have been awful, sicknesses every time I turned around. But this fall-winter, I haven’t been nearly so sick.

What do I credit this to? I think that eating healthier (more fruits and veggies) and drinking water more must be a bit helpful. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no where near perfect, but I think I’m doing better. And I have other health issues going on right now, but this is still the first major cold.

Thankfulness abounds. I praise God every day for helping me make it through, one day at a time. Today its just without a voice, but I’m dealing.


I hope you’re spared the worst of it—feel better soon!

Hi kristine, I took the flu shot this year and so far haven’t even had a cold. I do hope you get over this soon. God is truly a blessing. I thank Him everyday for just being who he is. Just wanted to say hello and God Bless....

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