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uh oh, this can’t be good.

It appears that I have lost my voice.

I have waken up 3 or 4 or 5 times because my coughing has gotten so violent. My chest hurts and my throat hurts. I’m almost out of 44D. I don’t remember ever having a cold that has focused on my chest instead of my nose - its always Leonard who gets the chest colds and Kristine who gets the head colds - the rule!

I’ve drinken SO much water.

But the last time I woke up, I thought, "uh oh, what if I loose my voice?" Of course, its dark and quiet in my house - I was sleeping downstairs for most of the night to not wake up E. So I said "Hello?" and nothing came out. I can barely whisper.

I’m not sure how I would work today w/o a voice... kinda hard to answer phones and stuff this way. Maybe if I go back to sleep, I’ll wake up and this will have been a dream and I’ll be all well smile


cori to the rescue!

water is good. yay for water. if you can, try adding a little lemon juice. i’ve always found that to clear up my throat better than plain tap water.

tea with honey and lemon also works wonders.

my voice teacher recommends gargling with baking soda and water. i haven’t tried this for myself, so i can’t tell you if this works well or not.

i have a steam vaporizer that i use every night. it’s made by vicks, and i highly recommend it... i think it was around $10 at walmart, and the liquid vicks is about $4/bottle. if you can’t do that right now, try to sleep on the bathroom floor with the shower running. that really helps to bring more moisture into your throat and lungs, and it loosens up whatever gunk you have rattling around inside you.

if you DO have larenghitis... do NOT whisper. it’s even worse than trying to talk. is there somebody else who could answer phones for you? talking and whispering while you have larenghitis only prolongs the time you can’t talk. if you can, try going for as long as you can without talking. i know that’s hard when you’re at work, but maybe try writing notes instead?

i hope that helps, girl. i hate being sick. that’s how i spent the first half of my first semester at college.

Get better, darnig smile *hugs* tea and honey is very good... cori is right smile

Hope you feel better soon!! I spent like an hour catching up on your blog when I got home! I missed reading you every day!

BTW, do you have any idea why the "seasons of change" skin is still showing up only on the main page of your site when I have the new white one selected? It works on all the other pages, just not the index page. Hmm.

Get better! Or else! ;)

A humidifier is a good thing, i don’t know what would work better a hot or cold one for colds... you can get a nice one at target for under $40.00 (i have a cool one and i love it, i don’t have sore throats over night from the dry air anymore)

Drink lost of tea and honey and feel better soon!

warm steam opens up your throat and nasal passages... cold steam causes everything to close up.

also.. i forgot something else i used to do. i’d boil a pot of water on the stove, then remove it from the heat and put a towel over my head. and breathe deep. that tends to burn a little bit more than using my personal steam inhaler, or using a humidifier or vaporizer... but it does the job smile


I am suffering from Larenghitis at this time for the past 4days. Everyone telling me, oh its just a cold and try this ( lemon with honey, tea, herbs from gardens "spanish peopleknow what I mean") and try that and nothing has helped. The best thing to do is not talk for a min of 2days if possible. Consult with your doctor for treatment medication and you will soon see your on the road to a better voice.

Get Well Soon!! Oh I just realized its 9/04

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