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I was reading my new issue of Consumer Reports this morning, and they had a review of some of the features to look for on digicams. They recommended a 2megapixel cam for most people, and specifically, a Kodak EasyShare (I don’t know the number on it since I left the mag @home!). So I went over to Amazon to check it out since I got to work so early, and found this review: So you’d like to.. buy the perfect digital camera?

It highly recommended this series of Kodaks also. So if I was buying one right now instead of waiting until the summer (it’ll probably be the present we get for ourselves for our anniversary - last year, we got a stereo system!), I’d probably check these out in person smile


it was either my hp315 or a kodak (i think DX3700 or 3800) when i was looking for mine.

my next camera will be a kodak.. because i got flamed so bad by my family for buying HP in kodak-town. plus, they have this cool little docking station that you put the camera in to unload the pictures. way easier than my pain in the butt adapter and usb cable.

i think the 3900 is the camera that they introduced the day after i bought mine. heh. smile

cool - i like the idea of buying anniverary gifts for yourself! maybe i should do the same...mark and i hit 3 years next month, and i’d loooooove a DVD player ;o)

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